Practical-theological starting points

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Belangrikheid van Simbole en Rituele

Simbole en rituele speel ‘n belangrike rol in mense se lewens. Sweet (1998:82- 83) gebruik die volgende verhaal om aan te toon hoe belangrik die verlede is, deurdat dit hoop gee in die hede. Die verhaal dui ook aan hoe belangrik simbole en rituele vir mense kan wees.
“In the early days of the Tennessee Valley Project (TVA), a dilapidated log homestead had to be abandoned to make room for a lake behind the dam. A new home on the hillside had already been erected for the cabin’s poor Appalachian family, but they refused to move into their beautiful new splitlevel ranch (« splanch, » as they called it).
The day of the flooding arrived, but still the family refused to move. As the bulldozers were brought in, the Appalachian family brought out their shotguns. No amount of legal brandishings or bulldozer menacings would budge this family from their cabin.
Then someone from the TVA decided to try one last-ditch effort to end the stalemate. They called in a social worker to talk with the family and find out what the problem was. « We ain’t goin’ anywhere » the family announced to the social worker. « Nobody can make us. We’re not budging no matter how
many threats you make or how rundown our little cabin may look to you! »
The social worker pleaded, « Help me to explain to the authorities why you won’t move into your beautiful new home. » « See that fire over there? » the man asked, pointing to a blazing fire in the primitive hearth of the log cottage. « My grandpa built that fire over a hundred years ago, » the man explained. « He never let it go out, for he had no matches and it was a long way to a neighbor’s. Then my pa tended the fire, and since he died, I’ve tended it. None of us ever let it die, and I ain’t agoin’ to move away now and let grandpa’s fire go out! »
This gave the social worker an idea. She arranged for a large apple butter kettle to be delivered to the home. She explained to the family that they could scoop up the live coals from the fire and carry them to the new home where they would then be poured out and fresh kindling added. In this way grandpa’s fire need never go out. Would this be acceptable? This Appalachian family huddled, and then agreed to move from their shack in the hollow to the new home on the hillside. But they wouldn’t budge – until they could take with them the fire of their ancestors.”

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1. Inleiding
1.1 Agtergrond
1.2 Probleemstelling
1.3 Navorsingsdoel
1.4 Hipoteses
1.5 Vertrekpunt en metodologie
1.6 Afbakening van navorsing
1.7 Aktualiteit
1.8 Ontwerp
2. Prakties-teologiese vertrekpunte
2.1 Inleiding
2.2 Wat word bedoel met Praktiese Teologie as vakdissipline?
2.3 Verantwoording
2.4 Samevatting
3. Die gebruik van Liturgiese simbole en rituele in Die Paassiklus 
3.1 Inleiding
3.2 Die gebruik van LITURGIESE Simbole en Rituele in die Paassiklus
3.3 Die gebruik van liturgiese SIMBOLE en RITUELE in die Paassiklus
3.4 Die gebruik van liturgiese simbole en rituele in die PAASSIKLUS
3.5 Die GEBRUIK van liturgiese simbole en rituele in die Paassiklus
3.6 Samevattende oorsig van Hoofstuk
3.7 Nuwe maniere van doen .
4. ‘n Empiriese ondersoek na die gebruik van liturgiese simbole en rituele in die Paassiklus
4.1 Inleiding
4.2 Probleemstelling en hipoteses
4.3 Metodologiese keuse
4.4 Metodologiese verantwoording
4.5 Konstruksie van vraelys
4.7 Verspreiding en verwerking van vraelyste.
4.8 Biografiese gegewens
5. ‘n Verstelde praktykteorie vir die gebruik van liturgiese simbole en rituele in die Paassiklus


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