Six reasons why you need a rat exterminator now

You may think you are better off without the added expense of a rat exterminator, even if you are currently facing the extreme wrath of rats in your home. However, maybe it is time to think after all, that you do need one. If you are going through any of the following problems, you are in dire need of picking up the phone and calling Pest Control London.

Your clothes are torn

Last time you saw your shirt, it was perfect and shiny and today morning when you took it out of the cupboard it was chewed up like a cookie. Well, experience has it, people who have had to deal with rats have had their clothes chewed on multiple occasions and it is NOT normal.

You fall sick quite often

You may think it is the weather, or the pandemic blues, but the truth is that the house that has rats will make the house members sick more often than not as rats carry bacteria, and the kind of bacteria that you cannot imagine.

Scratching noises at night

Not necessarily at night, but because there is more silence at night, you may be able to hear the scratching noises that indicate your house is now infested with rats. Because continuous scratching noises would surely mean there are plenty around.

Brown dropping on the floor especially behind stove

Rat droppings are brown in colour and just searching for an image on google would show you right up that you are dealings with rats here if you come across such droppings in your house. These droppings are deadly for you and your family, they are the leading cause of life threatening diseases. Be very aware! With COVID-19 on the rise, you cannot afford a health issue that will make your immune system weaker and more at risk.

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Food packaging is gnawed on

Rats will almost always reach your food and when they do, they will cause health problems. If the rats have reached your food it is time you take action. DO not compromise your health, nor of your family. Food and water contamination by rats can lead to elderly, children or pregnant women be at high risk of death in no time. It affects healthy people likewise, but more to the former.

You are getting a rash all over and it is persistent

Feeling itchy may be a sign of rats being around because they have fleas that you could catch. First, check your pets for fleas, and if you do not suspect them then pay attention to the other top five signs and add this one to conclude that YES, you have a rat infestation.

Time to pick up the phone and call an exterminator? If yes, then what are you waiting for! You want your home back and this is a little cost you have to pay for peace and bliss. Good luck to you and your new discovery!

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